Global Warming Is A Real Event

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For many years we have been warned about global warning. There have been many efforts especially by the American people to go green in an effort to slow the human contribution to global warming. But just because we have been told that global warming is a real event and we should fear it, does that make this event a fact or phenomenon? As a critical thinking student I took time to look into the validity of global warming to decide if the validity of such an event.
What is global warming? Global warming is the increase in the earths overall temperature. This increase in temperature takes place not only in the atmosphere but oceans as well. With the increase in temperature comes many other factors. These other nfacctors include but are not limited to the melting of ice around the world, acidic rain, and higher ocean levels. The effect of global warming is commonly compared to that of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when a greenhouse absorbs heat an radiation from the sun it subsequently increases the temperature of the house that plants are housed and grown.
The purpose of this essay is to provide you as the reader with both arguments of whether global warming is in fact an actual occurring event or if this is a phenomenon based merely on perception. In this paper I will be able to in detail describe both sides of this argument and decide whether for myself the validity of each.

Those who believe that global warming is a real event caused by the human race
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