Global Warming Is A Real Issue

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Global warming is an ongoing issue throughout the world that has been talked about for years now. Many people, like us, talk about the consequences of it and how we believe that it is a problem yet no one does anything to prevent it. In February of 2016 it was confirmed that February was the hottest month recorded in at least the past one-thousand years. Global warming is starting to become a real issue that we have to start dealing with so that our future generations do not have to suffer from these future consequences and it has to start with us. High-level temperatures are not the only consequence that global warming brings to us. Global warming also causes ice glaciers to melt at a more rapid pace, causing sea levels to rise faster than expected, our oxygen is starting to become heavily polluted. If global warming continues at the pace it is at experts predict large amounts of ice to melt causing the sea-level to rise causing land to go downward. Global warming such as high temperatures increases the likeliness of natural disasters. Justin Gillis states in his article Study Warns of a Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades that “The likely consequences of global warming include killer storms stronger than any in modern times, the disintegration of large parts of the polar ice sheets and a rise of the sea sufficient to begin drowning the world’s coastal cities before the end of this century” (par.2). Society is not moving fast enough to reduce emissions of greenhouse

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