Global Warming Is A Real Phenomenon

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INTRODUCTION Global warming has become a central problem in the scientific community, while viewed as more of a severe problem by some people and policy makers than other, the consensus in the scientific community is that global warming is a very real phenomenon. Although the global warming is still debated as far as how fast and severe the problem is, scientific data has shown that the average global temperature has increased by 0.4 to 0.8 Celsius during the last 100 years (, 02-18-2016). Sustainable development is a central concept within the environmental frame of thought and closely linked to the problem of global warming. The term sustainable development refers to the use of resources in a sustainable way, namely meeting the need of resources while not depleting them for future generations. The concept of sustainable development contains both needs and limitations, i.e. resources that are needed as well as technological and social limitations in responsible retrieval of those resources (World Commission on Environment and Development, 41). Achieving sustainable development is however a difficult problem that has many different aspects to it. Recycling is a main component of sustainable development and an important aspect in a variety of industries. Metal exists in almost every industry, whether it is the manufacture of steel beams, precious metals for computers or copper cables for powerlines. Considering that metal recycling is a source to
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