Global Warming Is A Real Problem

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Climate Change is an important topic that everyone should be well versed on. Global warming was denied as being a real problem for many years, but the proof cannot be hidden anymore and countries around the world are acknowledging that global warming does exist. It is my pleasure to know that our country will participate in the United Nations Climate Summit. As the CEO of an environmentally conscious company, it is my honor to represent the United States of America at the Summit.

Climate Change “refers to changes in the Earth’s climate caused by increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and other pollutants produced by human activity.” Global warming is the increase of the average surface temperature on Earth caused by the excess release of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases occur naturally, but in excess it could be harmful to the Earth. Composition of greenhouse gases traps heat from the sun, and this is what helps the Earth stay warm enough to sustain life. The more heat they trap, the warmer the earth gets, and as the planet gets warmer it creates climate changes. The greenhouse gases that are making the earth warmer are generated by human activity. One of the main greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, which is being mostly released by the burning of fossil fuels. Other gases are Methane, which is released through industrial and agricultural processes and Nitrogen Dioxide which is a product of some industrial processes.…

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