Global Warming Is A Serious Problem

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Global warming is a serious problem the world faces today. Most people don’t know, or just don’t care, what global warming is and how it affects them. What causes global warming? What effect is it or will it have on my life? How can we fix it? It is not too late to save our planet but it will take some effort from everyone. The earth’s atmosphere is supposed to trap heat or the earth would freeze overnight and it would be uninhabitable. The problem is all the extra chemicals that we are putting up in the atmosphere like methane and co2. When we put all these chemicals in the air they build up in the atmosphere and trap even more heat than is needed resulting in rising temperatures. However chemicals in the air are not the only reason for climate change and the decline of our environment. Five millions gallons of toxins are dumped into the oceans every day and as a result of this and over fishing sixty present of all the big fish in the sea are gone. In the U.S. ninety five present of our old growth forests are gone(The 11th Hour). The ice caps are melting which is causing sea levels to rise. Sea levels are expected to rise between seven and twenty three inches by the end of the century and continued melting at the poles could add another four to eight inches(NationalGeographic). Almost everything we do effects our environment and atmosphere. Kenny Ausubel, founder of the Bioneers, stated “At the end of the day, when we all talk about saving the environment, in a way it’s
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