Global Warming Is An Important Problem

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Global warming is an important problem which people all the world need to solve and prevent the affected of global warming. We just saw a small affected right now, but for a long time, it will take your life away. Why don’t we should do something to save the earth as save our life? One person can do nothing but a group of people can make different and change the world. We can do the small things from home, but it also helps us save the earth. Firstly, I think we should create an organization to called “ SOE (Save Our Earth). Then, we really the cooperation of everybody, we will make a poster and flyer to propaganda every one knew about the organization and join with us. My drawing is the poster of organization. As we can see in the poster, the Earth very angry with the people, also we have a slogan on it “SAVE THE EARTH”. Its means that the earth is an emergency status and really need help from people. Below of the slogan is a image of the earth is sickness. Their color of land is not like before. We can imagine that how people destroyed the earth. In addition, I was drawing some icon like recycle symbol and solar energy. The symbols want to remind people should using the recycle product and every house should using solar energy. So, we can save the environment and help reduce pollution. The poster has a lots meaning, when people saw the poster. They can understand what they need to do right now. The organization will print the poster and stick up these crowded places, so…

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