Global Warming Is An Increasing Concern

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Global warming is an increasing concern that people have to worry about everyday. Global warming is the overall rise in temperature in the atmosphere due to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 acts as a cover and keeps all the heat on the earth, which is warming the planet to extensive amounts. When people burn fuels like coal and natural gas they release carbon into the earth and the carbon just keeps building up over time. Energy supply represents a big chunk of the problem for global warming. Forestry and the industry business also have a big influence on the global warming problem. The carbon that the people put in the atmosphere is going to help determine what will happen to future generations, and the climate of the future (climate hot weather 1). The climate change that is happening is causing a lot of damage. In the last 20 years the sea level has raised 0.13 inches. The major ice caps are melting at a rapid speed, and the oceans are warming up. In the last decade the temperature around the world was the warmest ever on record. If the climate continues at the rate it is now, water availability will decrease and drought will probably occur (Grovenburg 1-9). People are not the only ones that are concerned about global warming. Wildlife needs this environment too and is aware of the problem. In the past 100 years the average temperature on the earth has gone up 0.6 degrees Celsius and is predicted to keep rising at a fast rate. Animals and plants need the
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