Global Warming Is One Of The Biggest Concerns To Our Planet.

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Global Warming is one of the biggest concerns to our planet. As of right now, ice caps are melting, sea temperatures have risen, and animals have changed their migrating patterns. Not only this, but plants are blooming earlier and fish are migrating towards cooler water. These effects are not just a coincidence. Mankind is causing the decline of our earth at a rapid pace from pollution, to cutting downs trees, and countless other activities. This form of climate change is destroying ecosystems, killing wildlife, and damaging our planet. Mankind must take a stand to become more eco friendly and save the earth―before it is too late.
Although climate change and global warming are two separate forces, they both represent the same thing: the
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3). The greenhouse effect can not be stopped entirely, since it is a natural occurrence; however, there are solutions mankind can take to reduce its effects on our planet. Some may argue that humans are not the main cause of global warming, but science proves otherwise. Although humans do cause a cooling process on the earth, it is significantly smaller, and it is not enough to balance out the warming effect. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as cited in the NOAA states, “Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by about 1.5 degrees fahrenheit since 1880 [due to human activities] ” (2007, p. 3). This number may seem small in perspective, but in reality, the earth should maintain the same temperature and that is not what is happening; consequently, earth’s temperature has been rapidly changing more than it ever has before. The main reason this number is so large is because of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was a period of time where machines and manufacturing flourished. Although it was good for the economy, it was deadly for the earth. This spike in machinery was ultimately the leading start of a chain of events that lead to why global warming is at the highest it has ever been. Such a dramatic rise in temperature in over these short years is an obvious sign that the earth is warming.
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