Global Warming Is Responsible For The Climate Change

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First world countries contribute most to the problems of unsustainable development and thus they should be responsible for resolving the issues caused by such developments, particularly when they are still having an indirect impact in promoting unsustainable development and have resources required to counter these problems. Researchers have proved that more than the increasing rate of population in certain developing countries; it is the per-capita negative impact that First world countries are having on sustenance of the world environment that is responsible for the climate change in the world. According to Environmental Research Letters, seven advanced countries are responsible for 63% of the world’s activities leading to global warming (Malone 2014). Though United States emits most of the carbon and greenhouse gases but when evaluated based on national population UK has the highest per person pollution levels. Recently some developing countries like China are catching up in pollution emission with developed countries but yet again a large portion of these emissions in transferred to the countries that consume these products produced in developing countries (Matthews 2014). Thus as the paper states “As a consequence, a substantial portion of recent emissions from developing countries could be equally allocated to the developed countries that consume the goods produced” (Matthews, 2014, p.8). Despite this huge amount of historical contribution in large scale of air, water

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