Global Warming Is The Country Of Indonesia

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To begin, according to global warming is defined as: “ The gradual heating of the Earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere; due to the greenhouse effect which is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and many other pollutants (Bradford,2015). For many years in the science community there has been many debates regarding whether global warming is real or if it is just a simple theory or myth. However, I personally believe that global warming is real and it is negatively affecting Earth and humankind every day. A perfect example of a place that is currently suffering from the negative effects of global warming daily is the country of Indonesia. In Indonesia the three main things that are most affected by global warming are: Environment, health, and animal life. The first factor that I will discuss is environment. Indonesia is an archipelagic country which means it is most likely to be impacted by climate change; due to the fact that most of its major surrounding cities are located in or near coastal zones. For example, the city in Indonesia mostly affected by climate change caused by global warming is Semarang. Semarang consists of many hills and it is considered to be a very lowland area. In fact the lowland areas of Semarang makes up about 34% of the city’s land area. Also, Semarang is about 5 meters above sea level. Since Semarang is a lowland area that is above sea level the most negative factor that is occurring due to
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