Global Warming Is The Environmental And Social Changes Caused By Human Emissions

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Global warming are the environmental and social changes caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases. Human activities have been the primary cause of this significant change, resulting with extreme weather conditions, increasing sea level, and climate changes. In this paper I will compare and contrast natural versus anthropogenic climate changes of global warming, mitigation strategies, mitigation effectiveness, policy implications, costs, and address some policy changes to help stabilize global climate and strict standards for business sectors or nations.

Natural Climate change
The Earth has been experiencing a considerable amount of climate change for the last several decades. Natural factors that contribute to the climate system consist of: volcano activity, solar, and earth’s orbit around the sun. The two factors relevant on timescales of contemporary climate change are changes in volcanic activity and changes in solar radiation. The Earth’s energy balance primarily influences the amount of incoming energy. Volcanic eruptions have relatively short-term effect on climate. Changes in solar output have contributed greatly to climate trends over the past century. The effect of additions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere has been about ten times that of changes in the Sun’s output. The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and receives twice the amount of earth’s radiation. Although the sun is the engine that drives all the
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