Global Warming Is The Most Important Environmental Issue That The World Faces Today Essay

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The topic of global warming as a result of increased atmospheric CO2 concentration is arguably the most important environmental issue that the world faces today. CO2 has always been in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas keeping the global atmospheric temperature at life sustainable levels by preventing the infra-red radiation to leave the atmosphere (CO2 Capture and storage, 2016). However due to human interference and the burning of fossil fuels (as shown by the following equation), the rate at which atmospheric CO2 concentrations is rising has been increasing in the last 50 years as evident on Graph 1 above as well as the equation below. C(s) + O2 (g)→ CO2 (g) The CO2 unless it is captured and stored, is usually released into the atmosphere increasing its concentration (CO2 Capture and storage, 2016). The increased atmospheric concentration of CO2 leads in undesirable phenomena such as global warming and climate change. This climate was characterised by higher average global temperatures, an increased number of “extreme” weather events, potential rises in sea level, and possible extinction of plant and animal species due to habitat loss (Judd, 2016). This investigation will analyse the chemical background behind the many methods of capturing and storing of atmospheric CO2. It will explain the different perspectives of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Finally conclusions will be drawn on whether Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can be successful in reducing carbon
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