Global Warming Is The Rise

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Global warming is the rise in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature. When sunlight heats the ground surface, it releases most of the solar energy it has absorbed as infrared radiation. Then what is known as the “greenhouse effect” occurs, this is where the gases in the atmosphere absorb the re-radiated infrared radiation and the escape of these gases being released into space is prevented. As long as the composition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not change, the heat in the atmosphere will remain constant by releasing the contained heat into space. It has been noted that greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane, have been increasing steadily since the early 90’s, and around this time the average…show more content…
In the year of 2012 alone, we had major record breaking events happen, we had the hottest January to June ever recorded in the continental United States. There were more than 22,000 daily high temperature records tied or broken, the largest drought declaration in over 50 years, one of the most destructive freak derecho storms in history, as well as fires in Colorado that destroyed more than 700 homes. ( ) Was this the cause of the human actives, natural events, or was it a part of the normal climate cycle, or could it have even been a combination of all three. There is an abundance of evidence that the global climate is warming, but the exact causes are unknown, one susceptive cause is actives of mankind. There are many different studies that show the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere has increased since the second half of the 18 century also known as the Industrial Revolution. This is the time mankind started to make their carbon footprint on the environment. This footprint included technological changes such as the use of raw materials, new energy sources, the invention of new machines, new organization of work known as the factory systems, improvements in transportation and communication. While these actives have caused an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and other pollutants that have affected the atmosphere, the
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