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Global Warming is an increase in the average temperature around the world. Scientists have been able to trace the global climate and concluded that over the last ten thousand years, the climate of the earth has been relatively constant. In the twentieth century, the global temperature increased 0.740°C. The change in the warming, and cooling, of average global temperatures cause climate change, a change related to climate patterns such as temperatures, rainfall, wind and humidity. This flux in temperature is affected by multiple factors making it hard to determine the true source of problem. Evidence supports that the earth's warming is natural; however, some data indicates that the warming trend has increased due to human activity. …show more content…
This fact suggests that human activity around the world is increasing the release of carbon dioxide (Worldwatch Institute 54). Since cars and trucks emit CO2 when they run, their use by humans has caused an increase in CO2 emissions. Another leading greenhouse gas is methane. Methane is produced in landfills by the decomposition of materials. Large farm animals and their waste also emit notable amounts of CO2. Since large farm animals are bread by humans for our own consumption, our habits of eating so much meat can be blamed for a large amount of CO2 emissions. Scientists are also concerned that climate change has caused a significant depletion in the ozone layer, which protects our planet. Emissions of greenhouse gasses cause the ozone to deplete which can also damage the earth.
The earth's atmosphere is a connected system. Scientists believe that global warming is also related to ozone depletion. There is evidence that the climate change on our planet has contributed to the "thinning of the protective ozone layer" (2010 Union of Concerned Scientists). Global warming and the ozone hole have been believed that it could be related to human activities, activities that have changed the earth's atmosphere by releasing gases. Ozone depletion happens when chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), found in aerosol spray cans and refrigerator units, are released into the earth's

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