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The Earth receives energy, light and warmth from the sun. As the earth and the objects on earth become warm, they radiate their warmth back toward space in the form of infrared energy. However, there are gases known as trace gases that make up less than 1% of Earth’s atmosphere which are able to trap some of the outgoing heat. Water vapor is vastly abundant in the atmosphere and generates a blanketing effect that keeps the surface of the earth at a temperature that allows life to exist. In addition to water vapor, carbon dioxide is another trace gas that is naturally present in the atmosphere. It’s powerful heat-trapping capabilities are essential for life and in processes such as respiration and photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide levels are…show more content…
Climate changes once occurred naturally but during this revolution we began altering our environment through changing agricultural and industrial practices. The major fuels used at the time included coal, oil, petroleum, and natural gas which all are carbon-rich and when burned the carbon combines with oxygen in the air producing carbon dioxide. These are commonly referred to as “fossil fuels” which are composed of the fossilized remains of vegetation and animals that decayed millions of years ago. Due to this Industrial Revolution that sparked the use of these contaminating fuels the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased from 280 to 365 parts per million. Before the Industrial Revolution, human activity released very few gases in the atmosphere but now through population growth, fossil fuel burning, and deforestation, we’re affecting the mixture of gases. Fossil fuels were formed hundreds of millions of years ago from the fossilized remains of plants and animals which are of limited amount now. During the industrial revolution, coal-burning factories contributed a significant amount of CO2 to Earth’s atmosphere where oil and natural gas were used to produce electricity, heat homes and factories, and used for multiple forms of transportation. Power plants are the single largest source of CO2 and each year, 7 billion tons of carbon are released which reacts with

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