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Global warming has many pro’s or people who believe global warming exists not because it is a good thing. People who believe global warming exists and want to fix the problem as soon as possible because it may cause a catastrophe. Al Gore and the IPCC are the main people who believe global warming may change our lives and sometimes create an illusion that it is our fault. There are many examples that it may be so like a hot summer in Edmonton, no negative temperature days in Glasgow, Montana however, other phenomenon like record snowfalls contradicts the existence of global warming. Even still many more occurrences that suggest global warming is real are: a 1998 heat wave in Florida, 1999 heat waves that set record highs, thawing …show more content…
On the contrary others believe global warming is non-existent. They believe it is normal activity and the temperature will go back down sometime. As shown in Al Gore’s “hockey stick”, they may be exaggerating the truth. (See appendix 2) It also shows that the temperature was at its warmest in the 1000’s and from then up to just before now the temperature has decreased. In the last few years it has risen like it has many times before. Many of these people believe it is a scam or a hoax. One thing I found was on my list of evidence of global warming that some evidence was heavy rainfall but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the earth is warming. One example of the opposition to global warming is when one of my sources said: “Shame on you, Al Gore, for playing on people's emotions to drive support for your enormous $45 trillion carbon tax hoax.” (I love C02). Many usually mild cities during winter were cooler than usual this year. A large amount of snow fell on D.C. and cancelled a meeting for global warming. Even still Al Gore still preaches that global warming exists and that we are at fault. When many of the world’s highest experienced scientists and others got together in New York to discuss global warming. Another thing found out about global warming is that it is about politics and money. The cap-and-trade would place a tax on things like driving automobiles and using

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