Global Warming

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GLOBAL WARMING Attention Catcher: Where do you see the future of the United States in a hundred years for our grandchildren? Do you see them at war? Do you see them being a wealthy and successful Country? Or do you see the world’s temperature rising causing flooding, wildfires, and distinction of plants and animals. Speaker Credibility: What does it take for us to see the signs of global warming and act upon what Mother Nature is trying to tell us? Listeners Relevance: In the past fifty years with the increase of hurricanes, wildfires and wide spread of diseases we can see that Mother Nature is trying to tell us to stop what we are doing with our economic growth. Thesis Statement: The fact of the matter is that global…show more content…
I think the earth worth saving don’t you? Third Main Point: Global warming can be stopped if we take action now. Sub point: Larry West author of What is the Greenhouse Effect states the following: We need to do our part to reduce waste by using reusable products instead of disposable. Whenever possible we need to recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass and aluminum cans. By recycling our household waste, we can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Sub-sub-point: We need to use less heat and air conditioning, by adding insulation and installing weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows. By setting your thermostat 2 degrees lower in winter and higher in the summer we can save about 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. Sub-sub-point: We need to replace our light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs, (CFL, Compact Fluorescent Light) if every U.S. family did this we would eliminate 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases which would be equivalent to 7.5 million cars off the roads. Supporting Point: We need to buy energy efficient products like cars and household appliances. If possible use less hot water and set your water heater to 120 degrees, this will save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Sub-sub-point: When you do drive, make sure your car is running efficiently. For example, keeping your tires properly inflated can improve

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