Global Warming

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Global warming was first mentioned by ‘Svante August Arrhenius in 1896’, but in ‘1753, Joseph Black discovered carbon dioxide’ and in ‘1827, Jean-Batiste Fourier suggested that atmospheric effect kept the earth warmer than it would otherwise be’, ( n.d. A history of climate change). Since this time, reports, and study have be done with graphs to show the impact of global warming and what could happen to our planet. In 1979, the first conference was held this was called ‘International climate science’ it called on governments to ‘foresee and prevent man-made changes in climate’. 1988, the ‘IPCC’ was setup by the ‘United Nations’ to look at reports and the findings, they advised measures to stop ‘greenhouse gases to prevent global…show more content…
While the hurricanes and the drought are increasing, this is killing trees, adding to this problem is humans cutting down trees for paper and many other things, fewer trees there are in the world the more CO2 will be in the atmosphere, as trees will absorb CO2 . In the northern hemisphere, the ice cap is melting this means flash floods and Lake Overflow throughout the ‘Andes, Alps, Pyrenees, Himalayas, and Rocky Mountains’. Following these is ‘seasonal drought’. (Global warming. 2011. Primary effects of global warming). We can help by using ‘Wind Turbines, Solar Panels. Ocean Turbines’, one is being planned for installation off the coast of Scotland in 2012, which work under the ocean, ‘Geothermal energy which is extracted from heat stored in the earth, Bio Fuels are made from living things or their waste products’. ‘Hydroelectricity’ anywhere water runs downwards is a ‘potential source’ (World Energy Research, 2010). Some scientist and a small number of people, around the world do not think that global warming is something we have done, that CO2 has been around since the time earth began. ‘CO2 is a natural process involving plants animals and volcanic eruptions’ (Global warming. 2011. Statistics of the global warming trend). Readings from the oceans ‘from mid 2003 to early 2008’, from the ‘Agro network’ the results show ‘strong cooling’, there is ‘seasonal fluctuation’ because most of the oceans are in the southern

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