Global Warming Problems

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What is global warming and what is it doing to our planet? One major problem today is global warming and how it will affect our future if we don’t do something but we can start today. Global warming (also known as climate change) is when there is a great increase in temperature. Some activity that can happen if we don’t do something is that sea levels will rise and the chance of coastal flooding will increase. There can also be more destructive hurricanes, more frequent and intense heat waves, greater risk of health, extreme weather like more snow, greater precipitation, more droughts, a decrease in the production of our food, melting ice which will lead to the increase in sea levels, and also the seasons could change. There are many things we can do to prevent this from happening, we just need to act fast.

One problem of global warming is the increasing of CO2. “Climate change is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere” (Why). There are a lot of things that are causing CO2 to be in our atmosphere like for example cutting trees when you cut down a tree all the carbon dioxide the tree was storing is released to our atmosphere. Also the burning of fossil fuels is also releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Cars and power plant release heat-trapping emissions and once they are released they are warming the earth.

Another problem is greenhouse gases they are also the ones who cause global warming by emitting gases into our atmosphere that are bad

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