Global Warming Problems

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Why has the global warming problem received so much attention in the last few decades? The problem of global warming has gained so much attention because it is a worsening problem in which we have played a massive role in and the effects are taking a toll on the planet and life itself. Global warming has massively affected the ecosystem which is getting the attention of people around the globe. People are now seeing the problems effects and are finding out we are the main cause of global warming, now wanting to bring awareness and fix the problem we caused. Global warming is getting worse by the year and people are seeing the effects and being concerned about the future of the planet and the life it bears. The attention that global warming is receiving is from the worsening conditions and people now being more aware/ informed about the problem. First off, global warming has massively affected and changed the ecosystem and is continuing its rampage getting the attention off people. The atmosphere, oceans and surface of the earth is seeing a steady rise in temperature. Glaciers are melting snow and ice coverage is decreasing, consequently increasing sea levels. According to John Abraham’s, “American Leaders Should Read Their Official Climate Science Report”(2017) oceans have risen about 7-8 inches on average and that it is causing city flooding to accelerate. Due to these effects of global warming, more people are beginning to realize how serious it is and a

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