Global Warming Public Policy Paper

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Global Warming Public Policy Paper The issue of Global warming is currently a very heated argument in the scientific community. Since the start of the industrial revolution countless amounts of carbon emissions have been pumped into the earth’s atmosphere, causing the temperatures in a majority of the parts of the world to rise. The research in this paper will inform the reader about the general concepts behind global warming and the ways the government effects how it is treated, by the end of this paper the reader will hopefully develop their own opinion on the matter and realize that this is no small issue and it should definitely not be overlooked. To understand why global warming happens, you have to first understand the greenhouse effect. This process plays a major role on global warming due to its ability to capture heat and contain it within the earth. To start with the energy from the sun passes through our atmosphere and shines down upon the earth, normally the greenhouse gases are too few to trap very much of the energy waves. However with the pollution given off in recent years a greater and greater amounts of solar energy are trapped beneath the atmosphere due to the increased amount of greenhouse gases. This causes the earth to become heated past its normal temperature which causes significant amounts of climate change. The major greenhouse gases are water vapor, Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, a majority of these are produced from the burning of
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