Global Warming Research Paper

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Global Warming: Its effects on the Economy

Vincent Colletti

Professor Shakely
English Composition II
July 1, 2008

THESIS: From the findings of experts on Global Warming and Climatology, it can be concluded that Global Warming has a direct effect on our current global economy and the instability of the future.
I. Background A. The study of Environmental Economics B. Economic issues and relations to past and future global warming estimates II. The effects on GDP A. Increase of natural disasters B. Impact on agriculture C. Rise in health care cost 1. Heat waves 2. Spread of disease D. Further subjugation those who have a lower standard of
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This should serve as Americas warning considering one of the most costly hurricanes,
Hurricane Katrina, hit our shores in 2005. As Al Gore, former Vice President and long time Environmentalist, points out in his book An Inconvenient Truth, “Hurricane Katrina caused approximately $60 billion in insured losses” (Gore 102). A further impact on the world economy would concentrate in the UK who will be heavily affected by the melting of glaciers, whose “annual flood losses alone could increase from 0.1% of GDP today to 0.2-0.4% of GDP once the increase in global average temperatures reaches 3 or 4 degrees Celsius” (Stern viii). Along with the devastation that will follow the increase in natural disasters, global warming will soon prove to be a burden on our agricultural market as well. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the “changing climate could cause soils to become drier and drier, and crop failures could become more widespread.” What burdens will this place on the global economy? It will affect the poorest countries first, mostly due to the fact that the majority of these “poor” countries have a high dependency on agriculture as a means of living and trade. Another affect on our agriculture will be the disruption in our food supply according to author and Boston Globe editor Ross Gelbspan, “global warming could result in insect
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