Global Warming: The Los Glaciares National Park

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I agree, these facts were pretty scary.Each time I read an article it revolves more and more around global warming. I had no idea global warming has such far reaching effects, the melting of glaciers and sea ice, rising of sea levels, erratic temperatures, and the increase in rain and snowfall and so much more. It seems like when you hear about a particular phenomenon it evokes yet another.
The Los Glaciares National Park is the most striking as the remarkable landscape diversity encompassing a large altitudinal gradient for more than 3000 metres and very eco diverse system. Whereas the Glacier National Park the glaciers are decreasing rapidly decreasing. Global Warming is responsible for glacier to weaken until they collapse.
The facts presented about the fast rate at which glaciers are wearing out are really scaring. With glaciers like Columbia Glacier melting at an alarming rate of 80 feet per day and it current thickness only standing at 1,300 feet after wearing down for the last 5 years, there is reason for humanity to be wary of the trends the world warmth is taking. The increasing temperatures are causing all these occurrences which are affecting both humans and animals.
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I know that glaciers are a huge source of our fresh water but never thought it could be a source for electricity. It’s amazing how we can take something natural and use it to produce something we need. Since glaciers are now melting at a quicker rate that means eventually there will be no more and those places will have to look at other ways to provide electricity; which in turn can increase global warming and pollute our
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