Global Warming: The Release of Greenhouse Gases

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The United States government has been denying the truth about global warming. It seems that everyone else has been tagging along as well. It has become a great concern that people aren’t aware of what global warming actually is, and citizens leave it up to politics to decide for them. So, What is Global Warming? There is a process that occurs in our atmosphere called the Greenhouse Effect. The natural release of greenhouse gasses from our planet is done to keep our planet warm. What occurs is these gasses are released into our atmosphere, in which then they trap light from the sun, and that light is released into the earth to warm it up. The amount of energy that is used to warm up our earth is always the same amount of energy that our…show more content…
It then looses a large amount of energy, as it is trying to keep the body cool, and the body begins to shut down (Ravi 1). Once the body does begin to shut down, even with a drink of water, it is very difficult for the body to come back to its normal senses. There is also an indirect way in which Global Warming affects our health. With climate change, comes an increase of diseases that are carried from mosquitoes, ticks, etc. In places where where it gets very humid, the rise in temperature causes more humidity, and increases the population of mosquitoes, ticks, algi, and many more things that cause allergies and that carry diseases like malaria. Allergies are hard to predict, and if they get severe, it could send someone to the hospital. Although mosquitoes are quite small they can cause a lot of damage to the human body. Our health is something we all should be most worried about. With Global Warming being caused by our actions, it is clear that our health could be one more thing to loose.
It is near impossible to completely discontinue the factories that make our clothing, food, and other necessities. Everyone relies on these everyday things and they rely on easy access. These factories and other companies that use greenhouse gasses, are what make up our society. So, it would be very difficult to have everyone on the same page and have them support in healing our planet. Besides that, the economy could

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