Global Warming: The Signs And The Science

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In the movie by PBS, “Global Warming: The Signs and the Science” it discusses how our planet is affected by global warming and some potential consequences we will encounter because of the effects of Global Warming. It also describes different strategies that could help reduce greenhouse emissions.

The film demonstrates how the earth is being affected by global warming by the simple fact the temperature has risen more now than in the past 10,000 years. They have also found hard evidence that the warming is not only real, its accelerating. Droughts are increasing in the American Southwest, sea levels are rising in places like Louisiana and Bangladesh, tropical diseases are spreading north, and there is an increased frequency of extreme weather from Florida to France. The climate
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Today the United States is the biggest economy, the biggest energy consumer, and the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. The film states, that by 2050 most economists predict that China’s economy will be larger than that of the U.S. By 2030 China will import as much oil as the U.S. however, oil is only part of the problem. The world’s most cited…show more content…
There are scary things

happening all over the world that we sometimes don’t even notice or give any attention to. In Colorado approximately 2,000 people died because of the West Nile Virus which was caused because of the moist springs and extremely hot summers which were perfect conditions for the mosquitos. This film helped me understand that climate change cannot be stopped but it can be slowed. In order to start slowing down the process of global warming as individuals we all must start to make a change in our lives not only for us but for future generations to
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