Global Warming Video # 1

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Written Assignment #3: Global Warming Global Warming Video #1: In this first video of the four “Global Warming Videos,” the presenter, Dr. Richard W. Miller introduces himself, as well as the topic at hand: global warming. Starting out, Dr. Miller states that Creighton University (as of September 2nd, 2010) has signed a commitment with the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in order to try and raise awareness to students about the dangers and facts of global warming. After discussing this, Miller briefly covers his background in theology as well as states that he is not an actual climate scientist, but has taken a fondness to the issue of global warming, and researched the topic for the past three years. Moving on from this, Miller helps discuss one of the side issues that leads to confusion; medias’ portrayal of events. Because the media (“New York Times,” “Los Angeles Times,” etc.) wants to “show both sides of the story,” they allow deniers of the issues, less reputable scientists, and advocates for non-environmental friendly companies to essentially blow off the issue of global warming, and publish their opinions, when in reality, the problem is only becoming ever more present. From the increasing amount of fossil fuels burned, deforestation taking place, and emission of pollution (from electricity generated, transportation, etc.) scientists and researchers have been able to collect data of the global climate’s rise, as well as

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