Global Warming and Climate Change

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Global warming is a great treat for our planet and its nature. It gradually wipes out everything which exists on the earth’s surface. In recent years, global warming and climate change have become one of the biggest topics, which rise concerns among people. Global warming is an increase in average surface temperature of the earth. It has several negative impacts on the environment and on its inhabitants. Many factors can cause global warming, but the significant one is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have negative effects on climate and cause melting of polar ice caps, acid rain, and ozone layer destruction. The significant effect of global warming is emission of greenhouse gases, which has numerous negative environmental impacts.…show more content…
Scientists have predicted that many islands such as, the Marshal Islands and Kiribati might lose their lands or may disappear from the earth’s face because of water risings. Acid rain is another damaging result of greenhouse gases. Acid rain or acid precipitation is the rain which contains high level of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The acidity rate or PH of acid rain is about 4.5 up to 5. Acid rain occurs when harmful gases in the atmosphere react with the rainwater and oxygen, which make an acidic mixture. Furthermore, sunshine increases the level of these reactions, and the result of this process is sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Acid rain’s drops are very damaging and harmful for our environment. Forests which are the major source of oxygen and good absorbers of carbon dioxide have been damaged by the acid rain. For instance, recent researches show that when acidic water drops hit forests, tree growth declines. In addition, when acid rain drops fall on tree leaves, they cause the leaves to lose their minerals faster; therefore, roots cannot resupply them anymore. (Charles) Eastern parts of the United States specifically high elevation forests of the Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky Mountain, and National Parks have been damaged by acid precipitation (EPA) The ozone layer has been damaged by greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases play a

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