Global Warming and Climate Change Essay

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Global Warming, much of what does or does not happen forty years from now rests on our actions or inactions taken between now and then. The crucial question is whether we should pour all our resources into mitigation – reducing our carbon emissions. According to scientists who study the climate there are other environmental problems; “we now face a global crises in land use and agriculture that could undermine the health, security, and sustainability of our civilization”.
Rather than worry too much about emissions, we should accept the world is going to get warmer anyway and adapt to global warming by building better flood defenses and developing drought resistant crops.

We cannot dispute that automobiles, factories, and power plants,
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It was the strongest in 32 years. Then the wettest fifteen days in Iowa history began on May 29. Global food prices soared as farm fields in America’s top state producer of corn and soybeans wash away. Leaving two million acres of the most effective farmland in the country wounded in such a way as to impair its usefulness. Impacting a thriving agricultural economy.

In 2009 alone, drought cost farmers $14 billion worldwide. Eighty-five percent of the U.S. corn crop is affected by drought stress at some time during the growing season each year, and just four days of severe drought stress during the peak of summer can cut yields in half.

“If this isn’t enough, we must also address the massive environmental impacts of our current agricultural practices, which new evidence indicates rival the impacts of climate change.” “Consider the following: ecosystem degradation, fresh water decline, and widespread pollution.” So, what are the solutions to the global crisis?
First we must understand the unsettling challenge of nearly doubling agriculture production to meet the demands of the estimated 9 billion people expected by 2050. Success in this undertaking will require new and sustained levels of innovation, such as improvements in drought tolerance, to increase productivity of the global food supply without increasing the stress upon our natural resources of the environment.

Our goal should be that all people, at all
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