Global Warming and Earth

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The United Nations has been commissioned by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
( commissioned by IPCC, because it is a loose organization to hire many well-known scientists in the world consisting of ) the world has done a comprehensive assessment of climate change . IPCC concluded that: " most likely human behavior leads to global warming." Specific details are to a lot of human use of fossil fuels, so that an increase in carbon dioxide emissions caused by the greenhouse effect is the main cause of rapid global warming. This is the current mainstream climate change theory - the
"greenhouse effect," said.
"Greenhouse effect," said after being asked, many people have been objected that it is highly inaccurate. In particular, the IPCC conclusions as to guide our human behavior norms, for such a doctrine is intensifying dispute. May 7, 2010 the American magazine " Science " has published 255
U.S. Academy of Sciences on "Climate Change and scientific impartiality," the open letter. The letter fully expressed: 255 American Academy for the
" greenhouse effect" theory put forward, which has a serious, serious impartiality, "greenhouse effect " theory also has scientific integrity.
However, a serious, also have extremely credible scientific theory, is not necessarily a true picture of the academic nature of objective facts.
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