Global Warming and Its Causes

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Introduction The year is 2095. Newspapers are awash with stories of intense heat waves that have claimed dozens of lives across the nation. In the East Coast of the United States, scores of people have in the past week been displaced by raising sea levels. The National Weather Service (NWS) has just issued a hurricane warning over Southern Florida. Last night, a cyclone destroyed property of unknown value in the New Orleans region. This is a scenario that we could experience in the near future should we continue to ignore calls to address global warming issues. Should such a scenario be replicated on a global scale, the consequences would be devastating. Global Warming: An Overview Global warming according to Farrar and Mastrandrea can simply be defined as "a continuing increase in Earth's overall temperature" (7). This increase in temperature has over time been attributed to a number of factors including but not limited to the emission of carbon monoxide and methane, deforestation, increased chemical fertilizers usage, etc. It is however important to note that in the past, scientists, authors as well as environmental experts have not been in absolute agreement over the exact causes of global warming. There are also those who have gone ahead to dispute the very phenomenon of global warming. However, regardless of the views that have been floated on this very subject over time, the effects of global warming remain evident. In that regard, the need to promptly address

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