Global Warming and The San Francisco Bay

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Do you think the San Francisco Bay would not be affected by climate change of global warming? The short answer is no. Scientists believe that in the future that the sea level of the San Francisco Bay will rise and flood several of the San Francisco Bay Area’s populated areas and landmarks such as the San Francisco and Oakland International Airport. How could we prevent or slow down the bay from taking over our landmarks and populated areas? Around 10,000 years ago the San Francisco Bay was once not a bay. The glaciers from the ice age melted into water and then the water flowed into “canyons” to form into the San Francisco Bay. However the flowing of the bay may not have stopped. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission predicts that the sea level will increase so much the sea will take over and flood populated areas and landmarks like the San Francisco and the Oakland International Airports. We could recover from natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, but not sea level rising. The New York Daily News say that it would take only 12 feet for the ocean to rise and take over several landmarks and populated areas in the San Francisco Bay Area and another landmark could be San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park. My project is to solve San Francisco Bay’s rising sea level problems by slowing it down and have little consequences to the ocean environment as possible. The project has three objectives that could solve San Francisco Bay’s sea
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