Global Warming is Here. Now What? Essay example

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Global warming denial and unprogressive energy outlooks are all products of not seeing the full picture. The evidence is clear, even in nature. Plants are blooming earlier, animals are waking up from hibernation earlier, birds are migrating farther north, and populations of animals have already gone extinct due to global warming. Yet, some still stay stern in denying its reality. That being said, even honest open-minded people can fall prey to misleading notions and statistics. To truly uncover the truth, we need to see the full picture. While researching climate change, with the mountains of false or cherry-picked data out there, you certainly learn to be skeptical of a source's creditability. You also, learn the …show more content…
The cycles include variations in the Earth's orbit around the sun, changes in the angle of the Earth's axis, and changes in the direction of the Earth's rotation. Obviously, while going through these cycles, the farther away the Earth is from the sun the cooler it is, and vise versa. So, then once the Milankovitch cycles trigger a warming, they then warm the Earth including its oceans. And because of how massive the oceans are, they take 800-1000 years to warm. Which is a key piece of knowledge, because the oceans contain a lot of CO2, and once the oceans warm they release that CO2. That CO2 then amplifies the warming that is already going on; taking what might have been a mild warming, and transforming it into a more drastic one. Another example, of just getting part of the story, is the fact that the ice caps our currently increasing in surface area. This fact at first glance seems to help disapprove global warming, but really it doesn't do that at all. You see the arctic ice caps go through a normal process of freezing and melting. Currently, the ice caps are in the freezing stage. So, it is expected that the ice caps would be increasing in surface area. If they weren't, then we would be a lot more worried than we already are. What really shows us whether or not the ice caps are melting is their volume. And when looking at their volume, we see that it is steadily decreasing. In other words, while the ice caps are at the

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