Global Wine War Analysis

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1. Due to French history and tradition it was possible to gain a strong image in regard to vinery and example, which can be highlighted might be the invention of Champaign. The experience of France as a quality wine producer going back to the middle ages can be regarded as a source of competitive advantage. Another source is the strong wine culture in France creating a positive image for customers. The wine industry by itself is a very important economic factor in France, in the mid 18th century the wine industry accounted for 17% of the overall industry. As a consequence, in 1855 the government classified wine yard into five different levels of quality. This helped the consumers to identify the best possible wines and was unique at the…show more content…
Discuss founding a consortium of different wine producers to produce different wines that will be high in demand soon in the future. c. Advice to the French Minister of Agriculture • Help your producers sell their vine: provide more funds for marketing campaigns and fund workshops on how they can identify their target group and do targeted, cost-efficient marketing 4. a. Australian Minister of Agriculture: The labeling of wine according to regions in Australia has been already done but not with protection by law. Tighten laws in relevance of how to label wines can be beneficial in the long run when it comes to value creation, as can be successfully recognized in France. Simultaneously, a financially subsidy should support wine yards with their surplus production hence the successful long-term strategy “Directions to 2025”, which foresees value growth by 2015 and global leadership on the wine market by 2025 might be eased. This is necessary since Australia will cannot compete on price in the long-term bringing to mind low cost production countries such as Chile. b. Australian wine industry association Align marketing activities with the plan of “Direction to 2025”. Support the Australian’s wine image from cheap and cheerful into a classified and recognizable labeling scheme. It might be added that the new scheme can be restructured in a way that it does not mix up psychographic targeting with regional ones, since this might be confusing. The

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