Global Wine Wars

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Market Analysis: Global Wine Wars-New World Challenges Old
Global Wine Wars: New World Challenges Old
This case describes the global development of wine industry, and how new world wine players occupied the global market share from old world wine producer gradually. It is very interesting that author selected the Britain as the sample stage for the battle between the new world wine campaign and the traditional campaign.
Nowadays, in the “Old World” countries of Europe, where the bulk of the volume is still produced, this is of great concern. However, consumers, especially younger drinkers, prefer the high quality wine from famous brands which are imported into Europe by the “New World” player, and the growth rate is at average10% per
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Why and what could lead this kind result? SWOT can tell everything about it. (Table below)
From the SWOT analysis, it is obviously to have more downturns for the “old world” than the “new world”, and it appears that the “old world” should reform their philosophy for global marketing strategies. The “old world” should put the fragments of production together to reduce the operation cost and grow the speed of marketing response. Then, the big issue for them is broad brand, the “old world” need to do a lot on marketing research and create their more famous brand by market segment. The last is how to deal with the contradiction between tradition and quality. I think the best choice is joint venture or outsourcing. The “old world” players can cooperate with local companies in marketing section, or outsource to them completely. This method for the “old world” could not only avoid the weakness of marketing but also continue to focus on the tradition.
In this case, I can see that whatever the advantages are, companies should continue improving their skills and strategies to adapt the requirements from customers and market. Like new world wine player, the companies need to focus on research on marketing firstly, and then make distinct policy to various levels of consumers. At the same time, the new entrant has to own their unique way to

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