Global Witness Is A Non Governmental Organization Working

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Global Witness is a non-governmental organization working independently in Africa to end the political corruption and to bring change to those areas that are impacted the most by violence, human rights violations, and an exploited economy. Employees of Global Witness conduct extensive and very well organized investigations that most of the time places the team directly in the danger zones so they can experience what most victims do. There were several changes to government that resulted in corruption and multiple civil wars that affected many innocent people. For over two decades the Global Witness organization have been responsible for the exposure of corruption plaguing the most poorest areas of Africa which forced political…show more content…
Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations on earth second to last on the United Nations human development index. The first mine was established in the town of Kimberley by two farmers; the De Beers Brothers. (BloodDiamondsDocumentary) The De Beers sold diamonds at least ten times per year in London’s open market and controlled at least 90% of the world’s diamond production bringing in billions of dollars per year. The average person brings in about $220 per year income yet the nation remains rich in natural resources. (BloodDiamondsDocumentary) Places like Botswana, South Africa, Canada, and Russia are the largest diamond producing nations in the world with more than 20 tons produced per year and a revenue that equates to about 60 billion dollars per year with half of the merchandise being sold right here in the United States. In 1869, one of the largest diamonds of 83 ½ carats was discovered near the Orange River in South Africa. Both Botswana and South Africa produces 60 percent of the world’s diamonds. When Prime Minister Stevens took office, the fall of Sierra Leone began with the spread of corruption. Botswana and the government are known to provide the schooling, better built roads, and healthcare in the nation. Although democracy was strong programs that were in place to support and build up education, healthcare, and social services, quickly
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