Global Witness Is A Non Governmental Organization Working

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Global Witness is a non-governmental organization working independently in Africa to end the political corruption and to bring change to those areas that are impacted the most by violence, human rights violations, and an exploited economy. Employees of Global Witness conduct extensive and very well organized investigations that most of the time places the team directly in the danger zones so they can experience what most victims do. There were several changes to government that resulted in corruption and multiple civil wars that affected many innocent people. For over two decades the Global Witness organization have been responsible for the exposure of corruption plaguing the most poorest areas of Africa which forced political governments no other choice except to implement change for a better life of its people. After partnering with other organizations, Global Witness has conducted investigations regarding the start of Diamond mining in parts of Africa that eventually let to the creation of the Kimberley Process Certification System. A documentary called Blood Diamonds explain in detail from the very beginning when and where diamond mining began, the conflicts surrounding its revenue, programs put into place to benefit consumers, and the effects of political corruption the people of Africa are forced to endure.

As a result of the Diamond trade there was great sacrifice and bloodshed from the people of South Africa employed to endure the worse treatment…
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