Globalisation And Globalization

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First off to understand how Globalization may affect people around the world one must understand what it is. According to one definition in Communication Between Cultures by Samovar, et al., “globalization is ‘worldwide interconnectedness, evidenced in global movements of natural resources, trade goods, human labor, finance capital, information, and infectious diseases.’” this means that globalization strings many pieces of the world together. Though this is one definition of many the aspect that resides in mostly all the definitions is that there are effects on lives from other’s interactions and the blending of cultures. These pieces of the world include many other cultures in the world and is what makes globalization cross culture. It also involves matters such as world trade and international business, technology and travel, and competition for natural resources, families and values.
First, world trade and international business are major factors that contribute to the idea globalization through companies that are present and working through many nations/countries that can also affect people’s everyday lives. From my experience this is why in my opinion globalization is very important because it affects many people whether it may be good or bad. Communication Between Cultures mentions two reasons as to why world trade and international business may affect people such as myself.
The first reason is, “ . . .there is a good likelihood that you will someday work for a transnational organization or one of its subsidiaries.” Examples of this would include companies/organizations such as Nike and McDonald’s. The book also explains that due these chances intercultural communications skills are important to be successful in these large international businesses.
The second reason is that due to globalization, the government has little to no control in the economy. Then these companies are able to move goods from place to place with little restrictions. This means the companies can affect people such as the workers and consumers by moving goods that may contain harmful components. The solution can be attributable to cross culture regulations by nonprofit organizations and multiple governments which will take work

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