Globalisation And Globalization

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Globalization can be seen as a process of collaboration and integration of companies, governments, and citizens of the world; the process is driven by international trade and investment and affects societies across the globe, including their cultures and politics. While the concept of globalization has spiked in conversation over the past few decades, the basis and application it is founded upon is not exactly a new innovation as societies have bought and sold with each other for thousands of years on various exchanges. The expansion of globalization, or what we have come to recognize as globalization, has arisen through policies developed within countries that have left the door open to both international and domestic trade. Increases of efficiency in technology have equally propelled globalization as the world has gained the ability of near-immediate, constant communication. Information technology development has assisted "economic actors," or those consumers, investors, and multinational corporations, the tools for rapid growth, such as easy transfer of assets and better ability to analyze the global economy (Globalization101). This project will use the understanding of globalization in an analysis of multinational corporations and their impact on the world. Trade theory, along with research conducted on relevant topics, are utilized when looking at the value of multinational corporations in the world economy, the effects of outsourcing on both the country of origin and

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