Globalisation And Globalization Of Education

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One of the most pressing issues that I have found that is creeping up on most countries is the globalization of education. The different influences in the world are causing education systems to become more and more similar. Different groups have had differing reactions to these changes as some societies view it as a positive change and some view it as a negative change. One particular thing that a lot of countries are beginning to enforce is a national curriculum for their country. With the increasing popularity of a national curriculum also comes the increasingly prominent focus on worldwide issues. This is also causing national curriculums to become more and more alike and it appears a globalized curriculum is forming. One country in particular, Australia, has begun to slowly, but surely, incorporate the ideals of standardized testing and national curriculum into their classrooms starting in 2012. In this case study, I am not here to give you my opinion, but rather to give you the differing opinions on the implementation of these standardized tests and the idea of a national curriculum. First, I would like to discuss the standpoint that Bette Blance, veteran educator and expert on Australian school systems, gave on the idea of adopting the standardized testing and curriculum in Australia, “National curriculum is ‘wobbling’ its way in with all states having differing opinions. This has been on the agenda for quite a few years, but the stumbling block is to get all the
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