Globalisation Effects on Footwear

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Contents 1. Introduction Page 2 2. Methodology page 2 3. Results Pages 2-3 4. Discussion Page 3-5 4.1 Critical analysis of top ten Page 3 4.2 Background on Globalisation Page 3 4.3 Five topics I chose Page 3-4 4.3.1 The role of the W.T.O Page 4 4.3.2 The Impact of Trading Blocks Page 4 4.3.3 Globalisation of production Page 4 4.3.4 Ethical Issues Page 4 4.3.5 Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliannces Page 5 5. Conclusion Page 5 6. References Page 6 7. Bibliography Page 6 1. Introduction The following report has a key primary objective; this is to discuss the effects of globalisation, and how it has an effect on the footwear industry.…show more content…
On top of this I will also focus on how and where each company produces, look at how their prices have changed over the years and see whether it has had any effect on their current company share in comparison to that of around 6 years ago. Another key part of my discussion will be where these companies sell most of their merchandise, with that potentially being important when it comes to the section on trading blocs which is present later on in the report. 4.2 After this I will then go on to discuss more of a background on globalisation, firstly starting with globalisation coming in four waves, the first wave of these being through the creation of the British empire, this was then followed by the second wave, and so on and so forth, I will then go on to describe these in greater detail. I will then discuss the basics of globalisation and the effects it has had in general. 4.3 I will now discuss five different topics these are; the role of the W.T.O within the footwear industry, the impact of trading blocs within the footwear industry, globalisation of production of the footwear industry, ethical issues specific to the footwear industry
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