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A global Village[1] Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Globalisation all about? 3. What are the advantages of a global world? 4. What are the drawbacks of a global world? 5. Trade and Globalisation 6. Migration and Globalisation 7. Conclusion 8. Sources 1. Introduction As the subject for this Paper I choose Globalisation. The main reason for this choice is my fascination with the subject as well as the fact that in the last few years globalisation has become a much-discussed issue. In this Paper I will attempt to explain the meaning of the word globalisation and I will analyse the advantages and the drawbacks of a global world. Globalisation has changed the face of…show more content…
A first significant disadvantage of globalisation is the loss of culture in places with a wonderful cultural heritage. When you now travel to Peru for example, inhabitants have replaced their traditional clothing by the western clothing style. They only wear their traditional clothing for touristic events. This is a sad to realize. The developing countries try to emulate the Western countries, by replacing their traditions. Another main disadvantage of globalisation is the loss of jobs in industrialised countries. Companies have moved their productions to countries with lower labour cost. As a result, workers in the original countries lose their jobs. However, companies sometimes face difficulties controlling the quality of the goods produced in other countries. Companies are searching for cheap labour for maximum benefit at a minimum cost. Another important consequence of globalisation is the transportation of diseases between different countries, such as the H1N1 virus. Unfortunately, due to globalisation there is a widening gap between rich and poor. Poor people can’t keep up with the living standards in the Western World. When we only have to open a tap to get some clean water, some poor families have to walk hours to get a bucket full of water. All the countries that are not as much concerned with globalisation as developed countries, may have some difficulties to keep up with the speed

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