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Research Method case study of Silver Spoon hotel Sialkot
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This study would be intended to identify the retention strategies and retention problems in order to discover the brunt of retention strategies on[pic] labor force. Silver spoon hotel, Sialkot, Pakistan would be [pic]elected as[pic] a [pic]model for this[pic] research [pic]because its[pic] inimitability [pic]in active modern HR[pic] approaches. It will solely base on empirical study: a sample of 100 surveys and face to face interviews will be taken.

How to obtain customer loyalty through customer retention strategies in Small and Medium sized hotels? (A case study on
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And build customer loyalty. When customers keep on to purchase goods and services within a establish time periods is known as customer retention. It is the strategic process to retain or keep the existing customers and not letting them to defect or diverge to other competitors for business, but this can be only possible when there is a quality relationship between vendors and customers (Molapo et al., 2011). Many organizations do not believe in the explicit retention program at place. Many companies spend their most of the resources; time, energy chasing new businesses and huge amount of marketing budgets are being allocated for customers acquisitions. When customers get loyal to a particular business or brand, they don’t persuade the competitor’s products offering and ads. Basically companies are trying to maintain customer loyalty through different programs that are commonly used by most of the businesses today. Loyalty programs enhance the customers satisfaction about their jobs and it’s basically involves a liberated membership card and rewards for purchases. Many companies are using sophisticated technology and data base equipment that has drastically made it possible for expert

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