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A global Village[1] Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Globalisation all about? 3. What are the advantages of a global world? 4. What are the drawbacks of a global world? 5. Trade and Globalisation 6. Migration and Globalisation 7. Conclusion 8. Sources 1. Introduction As the subject for this Paper I choose Globalisation. The main reason for this choice is my fascination with the subject as well as the fact that in the last few years globalisation has become a much-discussed issue. In this Paper I will attempt to explain the meaning of the word globalisation and I will analyse the advantages and the…show more content…
International Organizations might take decisions in their advantage sometimes without considering the impact on poorer countries. Finally, the last form of globalisation is political globalisation. Since the end of the cold war, and the fall of the Berliner Wall, something called Political Globalisation has emerged. We live in a world where international organizations have been set up to exercise power over member countries. Nations are not as important anymore as they once were. In the past, nations were responsible for maintaining security and economic welfare in their country. But since the emergence of global ecological problems, a more global economy and other global trends, the political activity in the world has moved to a higher level. 3. What are the advantages of Globalisation? Eliminating the borders and the barriers between countries obviously has some advantages. In the following chapter I will discuss the main advantages of a global world. We have to keep in mind that most advantages that globalisation encounters, mainly affect developed and developing countries with an open economy. A first big advantage is one for companies because they can sell their products all over the world. Since the emergence of globalisation world trade has been promoted. However, as a result manufactured goods are likely to be cheaper due to higher competition. There are fewer monopolies but more competition. People want

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