Essay on Globalisation – a Moral Outcry?

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Globalisation – A Moral Outcry? Chris Smith There have been many definitions and classifications of the term ‘Globalisation’ conceived and hypothesised, over the last half a decade in particular. Some of these classifications can be viewed as to being biased in favour of globalisation and vice versa. But one that can act as a concise, yet unbiased characterisation was conceived by Dibb et al. in 2006 which states that Globalisation is “The development of marketing strategies that treat the entire world, or its major regions, as a single entity.” (Dibb et al. 2006, p. 147) Globalisation revolves around creating marketing strategies while viewing the world’s consumers and business as one market that share needs, wants and buying…show more content…
“half of the global population – roughly 3 billion people live in abject poverty; nearly half of these – 1.2 billion in 2000 – live in utter destitution, on less than $1 a day, in danger of death by starvation or related diseases.” (Lloyd, 2001) With globalisation affecting all corners of the world and not just the poorer areas, it is leading to more and more people struggling to get by, or ultimately even worse connotations. This moves on to the last major point that was discussed in Ukpere and Slabbert’s paper, which is poverty. Due to the previously discussed exportation of jobs and the proceeding lack of jobs in developed countries, poverty has risen in many areas all around the world, whether they be in developed or undeveloped nations. It is also affected by the uneven distribution of wealth around the world. “The incidence of poverty has increased in the past few years not because the world, as a whole, is getting poorer, but because the benefits of growth have been unevenly spread.” (UNRISD, 2000) These are just some of the more evident moral problems that globalisation is causing in the world. While ultimately agreeing with Bauman, Ukpere and Slabbert have expanded further on the specifics and particular areas that it is

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