Globalisation and the Challenges Faced by a Manager in a Global Environment

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1.1 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation. (10)

Globalization is a new term that has found a significant place in the lives of the people. By globalization, we mean shedding down the walls of distrust and the barriers of suspicion in between countries, to make a bridge where ideas and beliefs can cross the boarders. Though globalization today primarily covers the economical side, the impact is not limited to the economy only. It actually affects every aspect of life, like cultural, social, psychological and of course, political. While globalization is seen as a sign of a hopeful future by some, there are others who believe that it can cause tremendous disaster for the world economy. The following are the
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Permanent height of unemployment, destructions of environment, poisoned food, civilization diseases, crimes, and addictions – these problems, become more and more general.
Globalization has drastically improved access of technological latecomers to advanced technologies which is extremely important for development. Many within developing countries see the internet as an opportunity to gain access to knowledge and services from around the world in a way that would have been unimaginable previously. Internet kiosks, mostly facilitating email with overseas relatives, for example, are springing up in many parts of Africa. What is more, globalization brings us some kind of cultural exchange; thanks to it we are not only able to absorb different cultures but also to learn other languages better.

1.2 Explain the challenges faced by a manager in a global environment. (10)

Today's global business environment makes the job of the manager more complex and difficult. Few businesses are immune from globalization's influence as they expand into new markets, outsource across borders and encounter foreign competitors. Even if your company operates stateside, hiring domestically from a different collection of nationalities is commonplace. Because business decisions have gone global, so have the duties of many managers, making their job rife with cultural adaptation issues.
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