Essay on Globalisation of the Apple Corporation

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Globalisation: The Apple Corporation
Globalisation highlights a process in which national and more localised economies, societies, and cultures are become interconnected through the worldwide network of trade, communication, immigration and transportation. (Anon., 2014) This essay will assess to what extent the Global Corporation Apple meets Luke Martell’s 5 criteria of Globalization. Upon establishing these 5 steps which are Global in distance, globally Inclusive, Interdependency, and Stability in relation to structure and finally availability to the masses (Martell, 2010). This essay will critically assess the significant importance and effect of issues such as power, inequality and lack of inclusion presented in the global process has …show more content…

The other nine are limited to only official iPhone pages which merely provide information about Apple products (Anon., 2010) .Therefore although Apple is avaible in almost all areas of the world the extent in which it is availble is limited. Apple is a constantly growing company so it may not be long before it is fully available world wide which means Apple is limited in how globally distanct it is. Futhermore Apples ability to expand may be effected not only by Apples own ambition and desire to do so but also by the restrictions placed on a nation by its government. For example in china apple had no real presence until January 2014 (Bloomberg, 2013) where it was only through agreeing a deal with a Chinese network ‘China Mobile’ was apple able to gain a foothold in china despite many of the components of there products being assembled in that general region. This therefore also shows a limiting factor to Apple’s ability to being global in distance by highlighting the power and influence states can have on a company’s ability to expand into those regions. This map (above) shows countries with an Apple presence.
Secondly Martell identifies that a corporation must be Globally Inclusive (Martell, 2010). To achieve this aim Apple not only has to be able to reach individuals throughout the

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