Globalisation: the Shrinking World by Phillip Ho

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Globalisation: the shrinking world by Phillip Ho Globalisation was a word lacked from most vocabulary until 1980s when the global culture started to form. Technology advanced and the world transformed, from stretches of lands separated by water to the global community. Passer-byers on a street in a major city may see globalisation everyday, anything from billboards advertising coca-cola to an import car, has “Globalisation!” written all over it. Globalisation can help us explain how the world is changing. It is a process which has changed society and the way people live. Throughout history there are individuals who have been unemployed and hence stressed out. Workers can blame poor effort in application letters, oblivious to the fact…show more content…
The surviving few minority dominate the majority in terms of material possession. The individuals in the minority elite group possess power. This culture exists because it is efficient and with such efficiency, frustration is inevitable when something goes wrong and individuals are forced to have patience. Societal institutions expect the world to go faster and people within these institutions grow characteristics associated with this culture. Communication systems have made contact between institutions more efficient and more readily available. The individual in the global society is so used to efficiency that the value of patience was never learnt. An average household may contact government bodies, global corporations and financial intermediaries through telephone hot lines and internet services within minutes. The behaviour of individuals are conditioned to accept efficiency and reject interruptions. Functionalists believe that institutions cooperate to achieve efficiency. For example, public transport is on time for the office workers of a bank institution to be efficient and corporate institutions rely on the bank and so forth. As you can see any interruption along the process and every other body or organisation will be affected. With the entire global society at risk no one can afford to be patient. Individuals in the workforce need to adhere to deadlines which may mean nights without sleep, tiredness and stress. A

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