Globalism And Globalization

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According to Steger (2013), globalization is a widely used word and it always refers to a process, a condition, a system, a force, and an age. However, globalization is not easy to define because it is a highly controversial term. Each individual has their own perspective about what globalization is and those viewpoints can be divided into three main schools of thought: globalist, internationalist, and transformationalist. A UN secretary named Kofi Annan once stated that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity. He seemed to think that globalization is an inevitable process which influences and restraints people’s life as gravity on the earth. This statement is in accord with the perspective of globalist, which assert that globalization is happening and the world is going to be more connected in terms of political, social, cultural, and economic activates. However, it is not exactly true. This essay will critically analysize this statement as globalist view and then focus on another two schools of thought on globalization Globalists view globalization as an inescapable development thus nobody can resist or stop it (Held, 2004). In addition, because increasing inter-connectedness are reducing the difference between region and nation, the boundaries are becoming pointless. The power of the state is in danger since it is challenged by new global factors such as transnational corporations (TNCs). In the final process, the cultures in this world
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