Globalization : A Deeper Look At Globalization

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Globalization can be described as “the increasing economic, cultural, demographic, political, and environmental interdependence of different places around the world,”( Due to the rapid exchange of goods, services, and ideas, globalization is at the forefront of society. A deeper look at globalization frames it as the increasingly interconnected process that restructures social, cultural, economic, and political systems (Nagel, 2003, p. 228). From the above definitions, it is clear that globalization is changing the world we live in. As the world is becoming more accessible and people, ideas and goods move with more ease, there is a need to critically examine the interdependencies among individuals and various nations in order to discuss the impact globalization has on each entity today. In recent years, globalization has drastically increased the number of individuals migrating from underdeveloped countries to developed countries. Additionally, it is believed that among the estimated 120 million migrants around the world each year over half of them are women. This indicates a shifting trend towards the “feminization of migration” (Ehrenreich & Hochschild, 2002, p. 5). Many female migrants taking part in this global trend are leaving their host countries for economic and social reasons in search of better opportunity. Although these women are striving for a better quality of live, they often leave loved ones behind, especially children. For these women,
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