Globalization : A Dynamic Shift

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Over the pass 100 years the world has currently been experiencing a dynamic shift called globalisation. Globalisation the known process that created so many aggravated issues across all cultures including environmental damages, economic damages and political damages (Huwart, Jean-Yves and Loïc Verdier. 2013), (Giddens, 2002), (Mikler, 2011). This essay will endure a hyperglobalist perspective to globalisation, arguing how the government power is weakened by globalisation and what the after effects are. Already a known ambassador of inequality, deforestation, Global warming, polluted air, wars and poverty globalisation is slowly diminishing what ever freedom and serenity society has left (Huwart, Jean-Yves and Loïc Verdier. 2013). The hyperglobalist perspective agrees that globalisation has respectively made its demanding impacts in the last 10 years but has been around for 100 years with thanks to the industrial revolution, technological innovation and the most important slowly emerging role of transportation (Cetkovic, J. 2012). Globalisation is a process driven by international trade and investments between the people, companies and governments around the world, ‘Globalisation is everything, everything is globalisation’ (Cetkovic, J. 2012, 1) The following paragraph will further explain a radical perspective and why its the necessary perspective to understand the effects of globalisation at both macro and micro levels.
During 1999 David Held and his colleagues decided
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