Globalization : A Way Short Introduction

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The Book Globalization: A way short Introduction by Manfred B. Steger was a great book. Out of all the books I have to read for classes and etc. this one was one of the best reads. I learned so many things that I never have thought about in globalization. Generally people just know it as spreading one’s ideals into the world. But after reading this book I was able to really learn about the effects and consequences of the globalization. I also learned that globalization really affects everyone around the world pretty heavily. There were many new and important Ideas I learned from this book, but there were also some that I did agree on. I really liked the section that talked about how globalization is a contested concept. The term “globalization” didn’t even exist until 1940’s in the English language. It only is mentioned and talked about because it was happening. Before the 20th century there really wasn’t much globalization happening in the world. Most countries in world pretty minded their own business. Because of this, no one really contested on the topic of globalization. Since the 20th century, the world entered the Global age due to wars and etc. Since then the concept of globalization has been contested. Whether it is an idea or process, people have been debating what globalization really is. I really liked this idea because globalization is such a huge “thing” in our world that has drastic effects and consequences. Free trade was one of the biggest ideas that came
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